For over 100 years, the Lindsey family has been reporting the local happenings in our community. Back in the 1860’s, there were two newspapers in the Leon area: the Decatur County Journal and the the Leon Reporter. Back in those days, it was customary for all small towns to have two newspapers: one for the Republicans and the other for the Democrats.  Corey’s great grandfather, Will Lindsey, bought into the Decatur County Journal in the 1880’s becoming a partial owner, while at the same time owned and promoted Vaudeville shows across the Midwest. Ten years later, Corey’s great grandfather became the sole owner of the Decatur County Journal, and then in 1929 he and his son, William L. Lindsey, bought the Leon Reporter and combined the two newspapers, becoming The Leon Journal-Reporter.
Being a fourth generation owner of the Leon Journal Reporter, Corey takes a lot of pride in his family’s role in recording the history of the community. In regards to his business, Corey said, “I enjoy recording, reporting, and photographing the history of Leon and Decatur County.” News is something that is constantly changing, and Corey finds fulfillment in keeping the people of the community informed about what is happening.  But recording the news is not just about current events, and Corey is proud of the fact that he has past newspapers dating all the way back to 1920 on microfilm that are available to the public.
The familiar faces in the office are Corey, his wife Tonya and his mother Bobette Lindsey. Sometimes behind the camera you can also find Corey’s daughters, Mary or Maizee and tagging along, his son Macson.